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 Says to say hello so I shall!

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PostSubject: Says to say hello so I shall!   Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:45 am


Was going to be a smart ass and just put that but I shall behave myself this am can't promise for any other post though... Smile For those of you who know me I won't have to say much for you's to remember how I can be! That much hasn't changed hehe! I still make people laugh and still have people come back for more in games!

For those of you who don't maybe one day I will stumble across you in game with our dear forum owner here! I've know him and the buzz crew for many many years! Good people! They call me Angel even in life, I love to laugh and have fun! It's my thing Razz I am a big time gamer! I play WoW for the most part lately (don't hate) I play CSS but haven't found myself back into TFC as of yet but that might be cause my old crew and home is gone, I shall however look out for you's now and hopefully catch ya's in game sometime Razz
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Says to say hello so I shall!
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