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 Time to get caught up...

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Time to get caught up... Empty
PostSubject: Time to get caught up...   Time to get caught up... EmptySat May 18, 2013 4:19 pm

So it's been a long time and a lot has probably changed with many people out there. So I think I'll start >< My names Angel and I'm a gamaholic... Oh wait that's not what I meant to say... Before when we played you's knew I had two kids. Well them kids are now 13 and 11 years old and doing really well in school, surprisingly my oldest doesn't like to hang out with her friends she'd rather stay home and role play with her online friends... Once and awhile she'll go hang in the outside world but for the most part she prefers to be home, she claims it's cause there's free food here rofl.

My son is just a computer nut and plans to go to school on them and either be a game designer or a computer engineer. Which I hope he gets which ever he goes for that kids a smart cookie! Too smart at times. He tells people I'm evil and creepy, horrible rep to have with your son, he also says it's cause I'm cooler then most mom's out there cause he has too much fun looking over his shoulder worried when I'm going to come up behind him next rofl!

I now have a 4 and a half year old girl who's a complete sweet heart. That girl works her eyes in such a way that she gets what she wants from anyone LOL! She's started school this year and is a really smart girl too. She loves to dance and sing. I also have a two and a half year old girl who's extremely smart she talks in proper sentences and if she can't get a word right she'll keep saying it til she does get it right. HUGE Micky Mouse fan my goodness!

splat and I finally got married when my 4 year old was two, we been super happy outside of the normal stressful stuff life can throw at us! I been planning on going back to school but once again that plan has been foiled! We just found out that against all odds (docs told me it wasn't possible but we were careful anyways) that we're expecting another child! I am about 11 weeks along now and due Nov 30th. Had my hands full before but now I'll never have a minute or two to myself Razz
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Time to get caught up...
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